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      Tagua (tog-wa) nuts are actually Palm Tree Nuts! They are commonly referred to as "vegetable ivory" due to their milky color, and they have been substituted for ivory as an environmentally-friendly option for people seeking ivory. They are made from the nuts of South American Rain Forest pam trees, and their harvest provides employment for over 35,000 South Americans.

      Each unique bead is dyed in rich, fade-proof colors before being hand-carved and polished to a luxuriant luster. Each bead has a unique look that upon closer examination reveals a beautiful grain.


      Kazuri Beads are hand-made, painted ceramic beads from the clay that is mined from the base of Mt. Kenya. Each bead is shaped by hand by one of the local women employed by Kazuri. They are then polished and fired in a kiln before they are hand-painted and kiln-fired again.

      This initiative helps ease the unemployment in Kenya, which hovers at 90% and gives the "jobholder" an opportuniity to support their extended family, which usually ranges up to 15 members.


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