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  The Story of Finales...                                     


     "Finales, Designs in Jewelry" is focused on providing high quality costume designer jewelry with a personalized                       touch...  a one-of-a-kind addition to your outfit. I will do everything I can to meet your expectations.


      With a variety of collections from which to choose, I am sure you will be thrilled with your choices. Look around      

       my website, and enjoy your shopping experience!



      Because I am always designing and planning, check back often to see my new additions. My site is always

     "under construction!"  There's forever so much more to come! 



    Meet the Designer / Owner






















                                                                                                      Julie Fehr



  All of my pieces are made personally by me. I strive to make them the best quality and construction money can buy.    Each piece is finished with love and care, plus that little bit "extra" that makes my products unique! Not to mention 

 the fact that they are American made and hand-crafted! I hope you enjoy wearing every piece of Finales jewelry every

 day, forever! 



      In My Own Words:





                Julie:  "I am a Florida girl, and I tend to embrace the beach, the salty air, and the beauty of the sea, whether it 


                                be a calm reflecting pool, or a wild, turbulent monster." 


                              "As you will see, all of my life experiences, travels, and surroundings help to add to the uniqueness                                              of  my jewelry!"



    Welcome to my world... what influences my work, my thoughts, my style...





                   Life in the Mountains                                        The Beach Life                                                      Winter Beauty



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